We Make Lawn Care Simple!
The Right Product, At The Right Time, Delivered Right To Your Door!

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Welcome To DIY Lawn Care Delivered!

This is Kurt Grimm with DIY Lawn Care Delivered. We have one mission: make caring for your lawn simple and successful. Our program will deliver the correct product to your doorstep at the correct time to apply it. No more standing at the box store, trying to figure out which product to choose, how much, or getting the timing off by a couple weeks. We have a team of turf professionals to coach you through the process of maintaining a great lawn. Greg Strahm heads up our team and holds a degree from Kansas State University in Turf Science. Put Greg’s experience in both warm and cool season grass to work in your lawn. Let’s work together to make your lawn care simple and successful!

Lawn care shouldn’t be a chore. You know the routine…head to the big box store…try to figure out what needs to be put on your lawn now and how much you need…lug the bags to the checkout stand…load the bags into your vehicle….unload the bags when you get home…spread the fertilizer on your lawn. Whew! What a chore and half your Saturday is gone!

But with DIY Lawn Care Delivered we take the work out of lawn care. Just tell us the state you live in, your lawn size and grass type and we take care of the rest! And you can do all this from the comfort of your home, anytime, 24/7! When it’s time to apply the correct lawn product it arrives at your door; just open the bag and spread it on your lawn. That’s all there is to it! In an hour or less you have the job done and are ready get on with your day! Result: a beautiful lawn and a lot more free time! Give us a try; you’re going to love us!

Lawn Care Fact Sheet: Why Lawn Care?

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